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You hold the answers.

(You just don't know it yet.) 


I know the drill, love. Sign up for a free masterclass, get suckered into a program promising everything you crave. They know exactly what buttons to push so you click "buy."

You just want to be your best, and feel like the experts can help, right? Too often, you feel let down. 

Disappointed when their proven method isn't quite right for you. Frustrated when you don't finish another course because it just didn't deliver what you expected.

You're not doing it wrong. It's just that their solutions are their solutions. 

Listen, I can't say what's right for you. I can point to what helps me (every day) and share the journey. Unwind is a practice, a way of being in your life, a "how to" see your own answers.

Unwind can help you quiet the noise, calm the body, and turn inward.

Ancient inner wisdom patiently waits there.

Wanna see?

Effective Steps. Big Results.


Kathryn P.

"Unwind gave me practical steps to incorporate my own needs into my busy schedule.

The first practical change I made was drinking water when I woke up. This small change impacted me in a BIG way. I had more energy throughout the day and felt proud of myself for allowing myself that time to drink water. It was so simple but impactful.

Unwind taught me to stop, take a breath, and be present in the moment. I realized most of the time my mind was preoccupied with past and future events.  

Unwind helped me recognize that by fulfilling my own needs, I am able to show up and be present for others."

Lauren P.

"Katie understands the depths of the soul, unlike anyone I've ever met.

Unwind brings something special into your life, and anyone could benefit from it. It's like giving yourself a giant hug with the biggest cheerleader in your corner.

It'll get you thinking differently and impact your life right away!

I'm grateful to have Katie as a friend and mentor."



Unwind with Katie

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Reconnect with your inner being and practice with a small group in an intimate virtual retreat.

Find your center

This class offers a mix of simple yoga poses and guided meditation to help you start your day in a balanced way.


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Simple, balanced nutrition

These simple and delicious 30-minute meals are designed to give your body a power-packed nutrient boost.


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Nice to meet you!

I’m Katie  lifelong seeker & Unwind practitioner 

I so get it, love. Stressed out and feeling responsible for everyone's feelings since I can remember too. Middle child of nine, highly sensory, and deeply empathetic.

Mindfulness shifted my life's trajectory. It became a life-line I was drowning in heartbreak at 19. I held on and found yoga. Then Shaklee. Then a college wellness degree. Then trail-running with my dog. And on...

I've been practicing mindful wellness over 15 years — for my own survival.   

With hidden family dysfunction, codependent relationships, and long-term narcissistic abuse — I was desperate for relief. (Oh, and I'm queer. Homeschooled conservative Christian in rural NC. My incredible wife is Black. Lots of layers..)

We all carry stories and wounds that crave healing. I know in my bones we're meant to enjoy Life and love our time here. ...But how?


Unwind is a first step.


Unwind starts with soothing the nervous system  so we can calm our biological fear reaction and slow down panicked thoughts. When we tune into our bodies and emotions, we can hear with fresh ears what they're telling us. So many times we're fighting against our bodies, against our minds, against ourselves. I help you recognize that emotions and sensations are our greatest allies. Then, by learning to use our mind as a tool, we start to think on purpose.

Conscious interaction with ourselves lets us tune into our intuitive bodies. There, deep wisdom waits — with answers we desperately crave.

We’re innately wired for growth, joy, and expansion, you and I. It’s as natural as the way our bodies keep us alive without us consciously trying.


We just have to remember who we are.

Unwind — as a lifestyle  helps us remember.


Ready, love?

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